Two Prominent Black Actors Want To Be Black Manta

Two prominent Black Actors are campaigning to be the lead villain, Black Manta in the upcoming DCEU Aquaman film.

Michael Jai White (right) and Michael K Williams (left) have already taken to social media to reveal their intent on being cast in the role. What makes things especially interesting, though, is that they’re both great choices for the part, too, which means that a big online push from the internet masses could put either of them in good stead to actually land it.

Both took to Twitter to re-tweet messages that endorsed them for the role. Michael K. Williams was the first to do just that, taking to Twitter at the ungodly hour of 3:35 am to write, “Let’s go!!,” after a fan had posted to him, “Dear god please make it so that @BKMG (Williams’ Twitter handle) as Black Manta in the Aquaman movie.”

Williams would undoubtedly be a pretty handy choice as Black Manta. His big-screen work in The Road, Triple 9, Inherent Vice, The Gambler, and evenGhostbusters has seen his stock rise in recent years, which should continue with his role in Assassin’s Creed later this year. Of course, to most people he’ll always been known as Omar Little from HBO’s The Wire, which was enough to already secure his place in the pop culture pantheon.

Because of his eclectic CV, Williams would be a popular choice for the role of Black Manta, but it would mean that he’d have to bulk up substantially to impose himself on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. But once he’d done just that, there’s no denying that he’d bring a unique, but still striking menace to the blockbuster.

But Williams can expect some competition from Michael Jai White who on Thursday night simply responded, “I accept your nomination,” after he received the Tweet,“@MichaelJaiWhite for Black Manta.”

Like Michael K. Williams, Michael Jai White’s place in movie history is already secured as he was the first African American to play a superhero, which he did all the way back in 1997 as Spawn. Since then he has admittedly struggled to match these heights, with his most noticeable role coming as Gambol in The Dark Knight, who was murdered by Heath Ledger’s The Joker. There’s no denying that he has the intensity and presence to match Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, though, especially since he is a renowned martial artist, too.
Black Manta is Aquaman’s most famous villain. He first appeared in the comics all the way back in 1967, and despite having no super powers, except for exceptional strength and endurance, Black Manta is able to jostle with Aquaman thanks to his powerful suit that shoots rays from its eyes and has several other functions and weapons attached.

We can expect a decision regarding who will portray Black Manta in Aquaman to be announced before the turn of the year, as Aquaman will begin shooting in early 2017 ahead of its July 27, 2018, release date.




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