Marvel’s Iron Fist Trailer is Here


The anticipation continues to grow. First there was just a teaser now we have a full on trailer for the upcoming “Iron Fist” Netflix series.

The series that follows Danny Rand as he’s been gone for years after surviving a plane crash that took his parents from him Presumed dead, Rand trains in martial arts in the otherworldly realm of K’un-Lun, eventually returning to New York to take his rightful place at Rand Enterprises. While back at the company his father built, Rand must root out corruption within.

That corruption appears to include a shadowy presence in the form of Madame Gao (Wai Ching Ho), who first appeared in the Marvel/Netflix universe as a foe to Daredevil. In “Daredevil’s” first season, Madame Gao showcased supernatural martial-arts ability in a brief encounter against Daredevil. In the “Iron Fist” trailer, she whispers from the dark that New York is no place for Danny Rand. A showdown between her and Iron Fist seems imminent.

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