We Are Getting A Look At Solomon Grundy from Gotham


Two shows have teased us the arrival of the monster (CW’s Arrow season 2 & Fox’s Gotham) and now one has officially delivered.

Gotham has given the fans what we had been hoping to see since the end of Season 3 when Butch Gilzean was shot by Barbara Keen and we found out that his real name was in fact Cyrus Gold. We all wondered were the writers and producers of Gotham going to pull the trigger on bringing in the iconic character and on it’s most recent episode we found out they did.

Season 4 episode 5 begins, with hospital guards transporting a motionless Butch, who was still in a coma, “up state.” According to them, the hospital needed to make room for patients and this was why they were removing Butch from the premises. However, it soon became apparent that “up state” meant a nearby swamp, and they heinously disposed of Butch in the soiled water.

Later, we returned to the swamp and, as we expected, Butch emerged from swamp alive. Well, sort of: He was more alive than he was when he went into the swamp, let’s put it that way. His skin was discolored, his hair was white and he looked creepier then ever. After hearing the Solomon Grundy nursery rhyme playing on a radio, a confused Butch adopted Grundy as his name and headed back to the city.

Grundy is a known adversary of the Dark Knight and with Bruce beginning to now settle into his vigilante ways, who knows if we’ll see the two cross paths in a pre-cursor to the bigger fights once he’s older.

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