Gwen Stacy Possibly Being Introduced as a Foreign Exchange Student in Homecoming Sequel

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Of course are newly minted MCU friendly neighborhood Spiderman is set to get a couple of sequels to his successful Homecoming film and after all of the explosions and chaos of the Avengers Infinity War, he will getting ready to swing back into high school life and more.  Now with the major Marvel team up set to hit theaters in May of 2018, it has been discovered that production is set to begin on Spidey’s third go round of a second film in June of 2018.

With that date set to begin filming, of course now there is set to be casting notices and auditions to fill key roles for the films. Over at Omega Underground they have gotten a hold of a bit of information that may key us in into a major change to a key character in the wall crawlers universe.

from Omega Underground

A leaked audition tape from an unknown French actress by the stage name of Louna auditioning for the role of Gwen Stacy. Obviously, many remember Gwen Stacy (played by both Emma Stone & Bryce Dallas Howard) is typically depicted as a blonde haired blue eyed American love interest in Peter Parker’s life. However, if we are to base the possible inclusion of this character based on the audition tape. Marvel Studios may end up changing up the character’s origin by making her a foreign exchange student from Europe. Possibly being born in France or even Russia then transferring to Peter’s school.

Now there is reason in which one can assume this is for Gwen Stacy and even the ethnicity change. Its due to what director Jon Watts already has done from the first film. He has already changed MJ (Zendaya) and Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) and  ethnicity for the original film. With Ned now being depicted as an Hawaiian-American teenager as opposed to a blonde hair caucasian male. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of MJ played by Zendaya as an ethnically mixed love interest as compared to her typical red-haired caucasian counterpart in the comics. Now of course if they have changed the background of Gwen then that may mean we get something unique for her father Captain George Stacy as well.

Check out the audition tape…

Scene #1

Gwen – “Peter, I’m so sorry about your Uncle.”

Peter – “Well thank-you”

Gwen – “I didn’t know this was your family. I was just wondering why you haven’t been to school.”

Peter – “Really?

Gwen – “Well, like you. Hate you. Nobody can forget you.”

Scene #2

Captain Stacy – “Off to do your homework?”

Gwen – “Umm just about dad. What are you doing tonight?”

Captain Stacy – “Sitting down and checking over some police reports.”

Gwen – “Haha need any help?”

Captain Stacy – “From my best cop sure; but”

Gwen – “But what?”

Captain Stacy – “Well no father wants to rush his little girl out the door. Especially, when shes going into a teenager. But I would figure you would want to spend time with kids your own age.”

Gwen – “Pass.”

Captain Stacy – “Ha whats wrong? I don’t know if you get any requests.”

Gwen – “No plenty of requests. Just not from the right sources.”

Captain Stacy – “Meaning?”

Gwen – “Well, most of the guys that come at me are jerks or want to be playboys. But then theres…this one guy. But even if he got the nerve to ask me out. I think he would get us both killed. He is such a cluts!”

Captain Stacy – “But you like him?!”

Gwen – “I don’t know. There’s something different about him.”

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