Is LEGO giving away Avengers:Infinity War SPOILERS

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Now we have to warn you first and foremost in this article are potential Avengers:Infinity War spoilers. So if you want to wait to be TOTALLY surprised then exit the post NOW…………..


LEGO has released the looks for their toys that relate to the upcoming massive Marvel team up. In it are some things that we may have already suspected and some that are a surprise. Let’s break them down.


Here we have a look at the Iron-Hulk armor, potentially a new Iron Man armor and new gadgets for Falcon.


Here we have the Guardians ship the Milano, what appears to be Thanos, Iron Man in a new armor, Gamora and Star Lord.


Now here’s a potentially MAJOR SPOILER. It’s not Groot and Rocket or even the portal. It’s the fact THOR HAS HIS LEGENDARY AXE.


And  in this one we have the Sanctum Sanctorium, Doctor Strange, Iron Man again, members of Thanos’ Black Order and the Iron Spider with the spider legs extended.


Here we have the Outriders, the space stone, Black Widow and Captain America.


And finally we have Corvus Glave The Vision, Black Panther and Shuri

Does this spoil the film for you or are you more excited now.  Avengers:Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.

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