Black Widow Solo Film May Have Its Director


It looks like we may officially have our director for the solo Marvel Studios Black Widow film.  It is being reported that Marvel Studios has tapped Cate Shortland to helm their upcoming standalone movie, which will star Scarlett Johansson reprising her role as the spy turned Avenger.
Full details of the film have yet to be full revealed. But it is being reported by The Hollywood Reporter that the movie will be set before the events of The Avengers  and it will tell of how the former Russian spy became the superhero we now know and love. Hearing this makes any die hard MCU fan wonder will we finally see the Budapest story that both Black Widow and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) mentioned and how did she eventually connect with one Nick Fury (Samuel L. jackson).
The Australian Shortland is best known for her critically acclaimed drama Lore and most recently helmed the Teresa Palmer-led thriller Berlin Syndrome. It was Shortland’s  handling of a female protagonist in Lore that caught the eye of Johansson, who vouched for her in the selection process.

the films script has been written by Jac Shaeffer and there is no word yet on a production start date or when we can expect the film in theaters.

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