We got a new look at VENOM


Sony is running as well in the race to get people more hyped for next week’s San Diego Comic con. They have released a new look at Venom from their upcoming film.of the same name starring Tom Hardy.

Many people were skeptical as to how the Spider-Man anti-hero would look in his first solo film,after a bad taste with Sam Raimi’s version in Spider-Man 3. Then we were all treated to the trailer which showed the last 5 seconds of the alien symbiote covering Eddie Brock and spouting the popular phrase “We Are Venom”. Still some had hesitation and didn’t think it was an accurate depiction.

Hopefully this time around more critics will change their tunes. In this new still thank to Entertainment Weekly, we get what seems to be a pretty comic book accurate look of the sometimes Spider-Man foe. Check.it out and let us know what you think.


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