Is The Chameleon Headed ‘Far From Home’?


By ‘Far From Home’ this is talking about one of the future films in the Marvel Studios world, Spider-Man Far From Home.

Numan Acar (Homeland, Disney’s Aladdin remake) has been added to the cast of the wall crawlers sequel. No full details have been released about his direct role as of yet, all that is known for now is that he is playing a character name Dmitri.

Of course there are several Dmitris in the Marvel Comics Universe, but the one most closely associated with the friendly neighborhood webhead is Dmitri Smerdyakov, a.k.a. The Chameleon.

Again this has not been confirmed that is the role, only playing connect the dots if you will. But it has been rumored that the Chameleon was set to appear in the sequel from the highly successful Spider-man:Homecoming. Also it needs to be noted that Acar is fluent in multiple languages, so if he were portraying a master of disguise it will seem more authentic if you will.

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