A KRAVEN THE HUNTER Movie Is In The Works From Sony

For years now many Spider-Man fans have been wanting to see the wall crawler go up against one of his greatest foes in Kraven the Hunter. Now it seems that they will be getting their wish granted.

Sony Pictures has brought on  The Equalizer 2 screenwriter Richard Wenk to write the script for the solo film of one Sergei Kravenoff.

Now a Kraven film should not come as a surprise to many given that it was mentioned that Sony may have interest in doing a film based on the exotic hunter but this was during time when Silver and Black was first announced.  Silver and Black though for the moment has been shelved so there was no real expectation if the Kraven film would get off the ground. However, with the debut of Venom in theaters in a couple of months Sony must believe in what they have there and feel it is enough to move forward.

Since Sony does not have the direct rights to use Spider-Man could that mean if the Kraven movie goes forward that he would be hunting one Eddie Brock instead. Hmmmm we shall see.

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