Is It Possible We Have Our Huntress For BIRDS OF PREY

The mystery may slowly begin to being solved when it comes to the cast of the Cathy Yan directed Birds of Prey film. We already know that Margot Robbie will reprise her role of Harley Quinn and now we may have a clue as to who will be the Huntress.

Francesca Ruscio an up and coming Italian-American actress  sent out a series of Tweets which led to speculation that she may have landed the role of Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress. In the first Tweet it is worded in a way which suggests she’s actually going to play the character. Add to it that it was liked by Margot Robbie only heightened up the rumor mill.

But that may just be that, a rumor mill as the tweet seems more of a campaign than a casting.

In comes the next tweet which again seems more of a campaign.

Now its not for sure known which is which, a campaign or a casting. But if this is a public campaign, well we saw what happened with Tyrese Gibson publicly campaigning to be John Stewart in the Green Lantern Corps film. Wait..we don’t know just yet. i guess we shall see with both.

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