The Official Poster For ‘Dark Phoenix’ Is Revealed


The official poster for one of the final X-Men films under 20th Century Fox has been unveiled. Dark Phoenix as it will be called, features Sophie Turner who portrays Jean Grey front and center with an astral fiery “X” behind her. The flames though they form the symbol representing the mutant hero group also seem similar to that of when Grey is overtaken by the powerful entity known as the Phoenix and is engulfed in fire.  A Phoenix (the creature) silhouette can be seen above Turners head.

The setting  seems to be in space which if you are familiar with both the comics and even 90s cartoon series a very important setting involving the Phoenix story. The Sh’iar empire, queen Lillandra are said to be referenced but not known yet to be focal points in the movie.

Dark Phoenix hits theaters February 14, 2019

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