Did Mark Ruffalo Pull A Tom Holland With The Title Of ‘Avengers 4’


Is it possible that Mark Ruffalo has done it again with leaking secret info about an upcoming Avengers film?

Well that is seemingly the case or maybe it was just Grade A trolling. Mark Ruffalo was recently on The Jimmy Fallon Show it he seems that he may have given out the much anticipated title for the upcoming Avengers 4. The title was ultimately bleeped out.

Now here’s the thing, many fans have believed that the title was and confirmed to be Avengers:Annihilation but now it seems that is not what we are getting.

Thanks to Anton Volkov of Trailer Track doing some reverse technical engineering you can clearly hear Mark Ruffalo say “The Last Avenger”

Of course we won’t know if this is the OFFICIAL title until both Marvel Studios and The Russo Bros. decide to let the world know.  But either title don’t sound bad at all.

What are your thoughts on the potential choices.

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