The Mad Titan Podcast Joins Nerd Jabber


This is a very exciting announcement to make. The Mad Titan Podcast has joined on with the Nerd Jabber network. Nerd Jabber is

A network created by nerds for nerds

Nerd Jabber is an independent network of creative content created by nerds for nerds. Our ethos is to celebrate the fun of being a nerd and to create fun and informative content for one and all. It is curated by Claire Lim of BBC Social.

The official press release is available to read and download in PDF format.

 A comedic review of the Marvel and DC live action TV and film universes.
Hosted by Jay Washington, The Mad Titan podcast is your weekly digest of relatable Marvel and DC chat with a casual, relatable flow. Jay together with a guest host, breaks down the news and latest happenings weekly, reviewing everything associated with your favourite (and not so favourite) heroes and villains.
The superhero genre is cramming our TV and cinema screens with so much content these days, it’s hard to keep up. There isn’t a day that goes by where superhero programming can’t be found and enjoyed (or disliked!) and Marvel and DC’s output is moving at a supersonic pace.
This is where The Mad Titan podcasts comes in – resident super villain (aka your weekly host) Jay Washington presents a podcast that is, what he describes “barbershop talk for nerds”.
Jay Washington is a professional wrestler turned stand-up comedian. He currently performs his stand-up across the US delivering high energy laughs and smiles. Jay has also been heard on on Sirius XM and voiceovers, seen in various commercials, television shows, the feature film Glass Jaw, Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, feature film Imperfections, comedy Landline with Tom Arnold and many more. He is also a recurring host on many popular YouTube Movie and TV networks such as NerdistCollider Video, and Screen Junkies.
For more information and images email:
The Mad Titan Podcast is available to stream and download via iTunes and the Nerd Jabber network. 
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