Flash Solo Film Is Pushing Back Its Production Start Date, Hoping To Release in 2021


For those of us waiting to finally see the Scarlet Speedster in his own solo film, we may be waiting a little bit longer for this. the main reason being magic and wizards and potions.

It is being reported that the start of filming on the not yet titled solo Flash film,has to be pushed back. This is because The Flash himself cant be there. Ezra Miller who plays the superhero as a key supporting role within the “Fantastic Beasts” series and the 3rd film in the Harry Potter spinoff series is set to start shooting in July.

By the way the Flash film does not have a release date nor has it been formally greenlit to begin production. Another big issue is that the script is still being tweaked and Warner Bros does not believe that it will be enough time to get the script ready to film in order to make its original start date.

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