Sony Sets Dates For Two Marvel Movies In 2020 Which May be For Morbius And Venom 2

Image result for morbius

Sony is clearly keeping the ball rolling on their Marvel movie projects. Today they announced two dates for untitled marvel projects. They will release “Untitled Sony/Marvel” movie on 7/10/20 and “Untitled Sony/Marvel Sequel” on 10/02/20. Now we know that the Sony Marvel film Spider-Man Far From Home  is coming out in 2019 and we definitely will not get a follow up that soon, those two films are seemingly the Morbius: The Living Vampire film starring Jared Leto and Venom 2 – especially since the first one has dominated at the box office unexpectedly. This includes an incredible debut in China.

A prime summer slot like July seems like an odd choice for what many have assumed will be a horror movie in Morbius, but Leto is a big name and the studio will probably take it down the blockbuster route anyway.  Now Silver & Black was supposed to be one of the films but it had been pushed back and as it seems that’s obviously not happening now. The solo outings revolving around the two heroes are probably a good few years away.

The only superhero films that we know of in 2020 are Marvel Studios Black Widow and the Eternals as well as Warner Bros. Birds Of Prey. Clearly as of now with the Fox/ Disney merger there are not any of the Fox films on the horizon, this adds two more to the list which makes for a very interesting year.

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