Brazil Comic Con Gives A Look At A New “Dark Phoenix” Poster


Dark Phoenix has been consistently scrutinized or has had people highly intrigued and interested in it ever since it was announced that the film would happen. From it dirst bing set to be released in November, it was pushed back to February and then delayed again until June. The first trailer certainly got people talking but received a somewhat tepid response and most fans remain convinced that X-Men: The Last Stand writer Simon Kinberg will drop the ball on this reboot this time around as the films director.

Until the film is released we will have to wait in order to judge. However at the upcoming Brazil Comic Con there is set to be a film panel which may indicate we will be getting a new trailer as well.

Prior to the panel and potential trailer, Fox has released a poster which is designed like a comic book cover and features Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Professor X (James McAvoy), and Magneto (Michael Fassbender). Which gives off even more vibes that this simply be a revisiting of X-Men The Last Stand .

Check out the poster and let us know what you think.darkphoenixbrazil

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