We are a little over a month away from the avenging debut of Captain Marvel in theaters and now we are getting look at many of the toys that are based off of the film. One of the big things with the toy reveals are that they may hold some spoilers that would be best only discovering watching the film first-hand.

It has been known for a while now (thanks to various pieces of merchandise and toy packaging) that Jude Law is actually playing Yon-Rogg in the film, but according to the Shop Disney website another surprise character from the comics may be possibly showing up?

Shop Disney website has listed a Genis-Vell action figure which is part of Marvel Legends’ Captain Marvel range and based on the character’s comic book appearance. However, that listing notes that fans can “Recreate Genis-Vell’s Captain Marvel scenes.”

Now there is potential this could be a mistake or this was listed and maybe thought no one would catch on to it. As it was mentioned  Genis-Vell figure is based on his comic book counterpart. In the comics, Genis-Vell is the son of Captain Mar-Vell but was raised to think he was actually the son of Thanos’ brother Starfox, a character we know will appear in Eternals. So could all of this connect as we go into the next Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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