Rumor Mill: Armie Hammer Is Potentially In Final Talks To Play Batman


As everyone knows the rumor mill has been swirling as to who would be the next one to done the cape & cowl especially after the official announcement by Ben Affleck that he would no longer be Batman recently on Jimmy Kimmel. Names such as Robert Pattinson, John Krasinski and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to name a few. Well, it seems we might finally have our new caped crusader and this name is one that has been tossed in the race many times before, Armie Hammer.

According to Revenge Of The Fans final talks are currently happening with Warner Bros. and barring any major setbacks, Hammer is expected to become this generation’s Batman when Matt Reeves’ film arrives in theaters on June 25, 2021.

Now if this becomes official then it will brings Hammer’s trek to playing Batman full circle and a bit of closure. Many fans recall that back in 2007, Hammer was cast as Batman to be in then George Miller’s Justice League:Mortal. The costume and set had been constructed and were full ready to go until the 07-08 Writers Guild of America strike that overtook the entire film industry and subsequently caused the film and production to fall apart.

Also it is interesting that Armie’s story to a DC superhero possesses many similarities to that of the current Superman in Henry Cavill. Cavill came close to playing the last son of Krypton in Superman:Flyby back in 2004. The studio pulled the plug on that on and decided to go with Superman Returns directed by Bryan Singer. His chance however did arrive in 2011 when he cast in Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel.  

Are you excited for this potential announcement or would you rather see someone else?


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