TITANS Now Has Its Superboy

If you remember how the first season of Titans on the DC Universe ended the lack of an engaging cliff hanger let the season end on a flat note. This however is do to a decision to cut an episode. However a bit was made up with a very nice suprising post-credit scene showing CADMUS and both Superboy and Krypto making their escape. This of course is going to send the direction of the show in a very interesting way.

We could not see the person who was the future hero as we only saw a silhouette. Now we know who will be the face when Titans returns for season two. Joshua Orpin who is an Australian actor will don the role. Orpin is a relatively unknown having only been in a couple of shorts

Now, someone has been chosen to suit up as Superman’s clone and that is Australian actor Joshua Orpin. He’s only appeared in a couple of shorts and a TV movie so the streaming service has gone for an unknown here, which is definitely an interesting decision.

This take on Superboy has been described as an “angsty teenager of steel.”
It’s said that he’s searching for the truth about his past after being experimented on by CADMUS but that leads to him crossing paths with the Titans, something which results in “revelations that carry more complications than he ever bargained for.”

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