We Now Know OFFICIALLY Which Avengers Did And Did Not Survive The Snap


It’s been a year since half the universe was snapped away and the rest of us were left in total shock. We only knew of a few heroes who made it but we were not sure of others. Now thanks to new Avengers Endgame posters we know exactly which ones fell and which ones will Avenge.

Marvel Studios released a new series of posters all with the caption “Avenge The Fallen” those who will fight are in full color and those who became coffee grinds. Check them out below.


Here are the individual ones as well.


AvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Wong_v2_LgAvengersEndgame_Avenge_Honor Series_Nebula_v1AvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_BlkWidow_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Bruce_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_CaptainMarvel_v2_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Hawkeye_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_IronMan_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Okoye_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Rocket_v2_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Valkyrie_v2_Lg


AvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_BlkPanther_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Groot_v2_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Loki_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Mantis_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Shuri_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_Vision_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Online Char_AvengeHonor Series_WinterSoldier_v1_LgAvengersEndgame_Avenge_Honor Series_ScarletWitch

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