SWAMP THING Shuts Down Production


Update: A teaser trailer has just been released for the series



It seemed as if the DC Universe streaming platform was picking up steam and headed in the right direction. Well according to a new report that train has come to a full halt.

Warner Bros has it seems put a cease to the production on the final 3 episodes of the upcoming Swamp Thing series. A report from a local news outlet where the show is filming states that cameras have stopped rolling, while also calling the future of the streaming service itself into question. “The currently in-production project is being shut down earlier than expected as its producer, Warner Bros., evaluates the future of its DC Universe streaming service, on which the series was scheduled to premiere May 31, according to several sources within the local industry.”

Apparently, cast and crew were informed that Swamp Thing would wrap production on episode 10 and then halt to allow writers and producers to rewrite an ending. The show was originally scheduled to film 13 episodes through May.

This of course came as an complete and utter shock to its crew and cast who were not at all pleased with the news.  In a since deleted Instagram post, actress Virginia Madsen wrote, “I’m beyond sad. What a terrible decision. We have been cut to the core by those who have never set foot into the Swamp.”

With word of this stoppage it comes as quite a shock as Titans Season 2 is heading into production and Doom Patrol is receiving great reviews and praise. Should this unfortunately spell the end to the DC Universe hopefully the fans and many others are treated to the 10 episodes of Swamp Thing that have already been filmed.


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