Music Video Gives An Official Look At Dazzler in DARK PHOENIX


The arrival of DARK PHOENIX  in theaters on June 7th and on top of this being the farewell to the Fox X-Men franchise we are finally getting a look at a mutant that we were teased with in a deleted scene in X-MEN APOCALYPSE.

A new Dark Phoenix tie-in song offers fans a first look at the live-action debut of the iconic X-Men character Alison Blaire, a.k.a. Dazzler. In the aforementioned deleted scene Jean Grey and Scott Summers are  visiting a mall record store and stumbling across “Sounds of Light and Fury,” an album by Dazzler, but the character has yet to appear on the big screen. However, Dazzler was confirmed to have a small role in Dark Phoenix all the way back in June 2017.

Now we  finally get a first look at Dazzler in the music video for the Dark Phoenix tie-in song Extraordinary Being by Emeli Sandé. The video features scenes from the upcoming movie, including one of a blonde woman in an all-white jumpsuit, Dazzler’s go-to look in the comics. Here’s a shot of Dazzler in the music video.

Dark Phoenix Dazzler X-Men First Look

Check out the music video below and be sure to leave your thoughts.

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