UPDATE on SWAMP THING Cancellation


It was just recently reported that SWAMP THING had been cancelled by the DC Universe streaming app after just one week on the platform. Well now there is becoming a more clear reason as for the cancellation.

It initially had been reported that the reason for the cancellation was that Warner Media was not a fan of the direction show. That now seems to not be the case, Movies.com writer John Gholson reports North Carolina promised WarnerMedia a $40 million tax rebate that ended up getting diminished because of a paperwork error. The $40 million would have covered have of the show’s first season budget which was estimated at $80million.

This accounting error is also the reason in which the episode load was reduced from 13 to 10 episodes for the inaugural season. Once WarnerMedia discovered the error they shut down production since the studio would be paying more for the series than it originally thought.

North Carolina’s adjusted tax break is currently sitting at $13 so it does not make financial sense for WarnerMedia to continue on with the production of SWAMP THING, The Star News Online reported on the North Carolina accounting error back in April then subsequently followed it up with another article that cited exactly how much could the state commit to filming.

These have been very disappointing developments as displeasure of the episode load reduction was initially expressed by fans and cast member Virginia Madsen and now to know that it is done entirely hits even harder.

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