Ant-Man Actor Heading To The Suicide Squad


The incredible character actor known for his work in both Marvel Studios films Ant-Man and Ant-Man & The Wasp is heading back over into the DC film franchise.

David Dastmalchian has closed his deal to become one of the stars of The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn and it is being reported by The Hollywood Reporter that he will be portraying the villain known as the Polka-Dot Man

Dastmalchian will now join Margot Robbie, who is returning as  Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney, back as Captain Boomerang, and Idris Elba, it is yet to be disclosed who he will be portraying.

james Gunn who is also the director for Marvel Studios Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is writing and directing The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. As far as the plot of the film goes, what is known about  The Suicide Squad follows David Ayer’s 2016 film Suicide Squad, but rather than a straight sequel, this is described as a new take on the property from the mind of Gunn that will feature a mix of new and old characters.

Plot details are being kept secret but the new characters include DC villains such as Ratcatcher (she controls rats), Peacemaker (he loves peace so much he will kill for it), King Shark (would you believe us if we told you it’s a humanoid shark?) and last but certainly not least, Polka-Dot Man.

For those who are unfamiliar with Polka-Dot Man,he  debuted in 1962’s Detective Comics No. 300. Abner Krill was a low-level crook who tried to make a name for himself with spot-themed crimes and a costume that included some amazing gimmicks, such as spots that transformed into buzzsaws and flying saucers on command. Gunn has shown an affinity for pretty obscure comic characters — this one has appeared less than a dozen times since his creation — and the character is said to lean into his embarrassment of his “lame” abilities.

Dastmalchian has been seen in other comic book TV shows and films such as GothamThe Flash as the villain Abra-kadabra and in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Fans Think They May Have Spotted Ant-Man On The New Infinity War Poster


We are officially three out from the massive superhero team up known as Avengers Infinity War. Fans all over have been waiting with bated breath to see all of the potential partnerships that include Black Panther, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man the Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

Notably missing from all of the promo have been Ant-Man and the Wasp…as well as Hawkeye but we’re going to focus on Ant-Man and Wasp for this one. Now there has been speculation that the two size shifting heroes will not be part of the massive fight due to their film being released in July.

But has not stopped some dedicated fans from doing some sleuthing on their own and they think that have found the wise cracking, insect riding hero. Someone with the eyes of an hawk (no pun intended) seems to have found him hiding if you would on the infinity gauntlet.


Could he really be hiding? Could it be a potential spoiler? We dont know and will  find out on April 27th