The “Avengers 4” Trailer And Poster Have Arrived Along With The Official Movie Title


The day has finally arrived. Many have been clamoring and waiting for it and now we have the first official trailer for Avengers ******** (you’ll get the name later)

Check out the trailer below or if you want to see my reaction and thoughts with it look below that

Here’s the trailer reaction

As you can tell the official name for the film is Avengers: Endgame, which many on the internet guessed a while back. Even as early as right after Avengers: Infinity War. Check out the official poster below.


Also it must be noted that the official release date has been pushed up to April 26th. Similar to what was done last year with Avengers: Infinity War

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Us A Peek Of Her As Rescue


There was no secret kept that Pepper Potts would be getting her own Iron Man suit. Gwyneth Paltrow who plays Potts posted a photo of herself in a motion capture suit as well as told Stephen Colbert that she filmed some scenes with her hand extended (implying firing a blast from her hands).

Well be never saw more than her in the mo-cap suit now we have a look at her in the suit. Of course it’s not the full suit as CGI is added in later but nonetheless it’s a pretty nice shot.


Given that Avengers 4 takes place five years into the future and Tony is possibly still syuck on Titan. Do you think Pepper takes up the mantle to step on for Tony.What do you think?

Did Mark Ruffalo Pull A Tom Holland With The Title Of ‘Avengers 4’


Is it possible that Mark Ruffalo has done it again with leaking secret info about an upcoming Avengers film?

Well that is seemingly the case or maybe it was just Grade A trolling. Mark Ruffalo was recently on The Jimmy Fallon Show it he seems that he may have given out the much anticipated title for the upcoming Avengers 4. The title was ultimately bleeped out.

Now here’s the thing, many fans have believed that the title was and confirmed to be Avengers:Annihilation but now it seems that is not what we are getting.

Thanks to Anton Volkov of Trailer Track doing some reverse technical engineering you can clearly hear Mark Ruffalo say “The Last Avenger”

Of course we won’t know if this is the OFFICIAL title until both Marvel Studios and The Russo Bros. decide to let the world know.  But either title don’t sound bad at all.

What are your thoughts on the potential choices.

Has Captain America CONFIRMED His Death In Avengers 4


It has been no secret that Chris Evans would be hanging up his shield and no longer be avenging after Avengers 4. Many people wondered if that would mean we would see the death of Captain America.

Well it is almost all but 100% confirmed as the actor himself took to Twitter to announce his wrapping on Avengers 4 and wrapping on the super soldier.

Now yes emotional could mean the death of Steve Rogers but he has also.grown emotionally attached to the role after so many years of portraying the iconic hero. But it may add to the speculation that occurred after these promotional photos in his new suit with scales

The scales are on the suit that was worn during the emotional “The Death of Captain America” run

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Do you believe this is the final hurrah for one of the original Avengers or is it just the actor bidding a final adieu.