We Get Our First Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer in Pure Deadpool Fashion.


The Merc With A Mouth has come through again. This time with a teaser trailer with footage from the upcoming sequel to his smash breakout film.

But Captain Deadpool didn’t just release footage any old type of way, no. This time he gave it to us in the midst of paying tribute to arguably one of the greatest painters EVER, Bob Ross.

Now for the youngins not familiar, Bob Ross was the host of Beauty Is Everywhere. Where he painted beauty scenery and locations and it always included “happy little trees”. It was mellow and smooth like ASMR….before that was a thing…with a label…anyway check out the footage below from actor Ryan Reynolds Twitter page.

Also pay close attention to the colors used. Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters in February 2018.