Is The Bey-Hive Wakanda Bound

Last year the leader of the Bey-hive and Grammy award winning artist, Beyonce voiced Nala in the live-action remake of THE LION KING, now it seems that she may be sticking around the Disney family. Thanks to a new report from Elle now claims that Beyonce has signed a $100 million deal with Disney and is to keep her in the midst for a foreseeable future.

Here is the best part this is going to reportedly lead to Beyonce being involved with Black Panther 2 in some capacity, likely providing a song for the film’s soundtrack as opposed to an on-screen role of any sort.

Beyonce is said to be “a major player” for the mouse, with hopes she will lend her voice to some upcoming documentaries on Disney+ as well. “The negotiations are still ongoing but it’s the final details that are being thrashed out now,” the site’s sources claim.

2018’s BLACK PANTHER was masterful having been curated by another Grammy award winning artist in Kendrick Lamar, so it only makes sense Disney would enlist an superstar talent like Beyonce to lend her musical skills to Ryan Coogler’s hotly anticipated sequel. The question now beckons should be an on screen talent as well who would she portray.


THE LION KING – Spoiler Review


The resident super villain Jay Washington is back with another movie review and this time its for the live action remake of Disney’s THE LION KING.

Jay goes in-depth to discuss if whether or not this holds up to the original film or if it is a failed attempt. Of course there will be SPOILERS but at the same time you kinda already know whats gonna happen in the film right?

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