Rumors Flying That BLACK WIDOW is Reportedly Going To Be Marvel’s FIRST Rated R Movie

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The idea of an R-rated Marvel Studios film is something that has been thrown around for a while. Especially with the acquisition of the Marvel properties from Fox (primarily Deadpool) many were wondering if this could be a possibility. Well a film that now is seemingly is the focus of these rumors is that of the future Black Widow solo film. 

Cut to this past weekend when the rumor mill began to running rampant. According to the notorious Hollywood gossip site Crazy Days and Nights its latest “Blind Item” reveal is suggesting that successful superhero studio is indeed setting up Natasha Romanov’s first solo outing as a more adult oriented feature. Of course this is indeed a gossip/rumor site and more than likely should be taken with a grain of salt. However they have been known to share some solid movie scoops in the past, so this one would be a whopper if it’s true.

Marvel Studios producer, Kevin Feige has shot down the notion of an R-rated MCU adventure in the past, but the spy thriller could definitely be the way to go. Mainly since her origin and many tales with her past are very very dark.

Again this is ALL RUMOR for now and no major announcement has been given.
Black Widow doesn’t have an official release date, but it is expected to commence production this year. Cate Shortland directs, with Scarlett Johansson confirmed to return as the lethal spy turned Avenger.


There finally is a possibility of a Black Widow solo film

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The idea of a Black Widow solo film has argued on both sides of the coin whether it could or should be done. Many have  wondered can the Avenger deliver without any assistance while others have said firmly “ABSOLUTELY”. Well now it looks as if Scar Jo may be getting the chance to show the former spy in action on her own.

Word around the campfire is that Marvel has tapped Jac Schaeffer to pen the screenplay. The Black List alum is the writer behind Nasty Women, as well as the upcoming Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake starring Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway. So this script is in good hands.

Should the former KGB spy actually get her own film, this becomes the second female led Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel set to hit theaters March 8,2019

Scarlett Johansson debuted as Natasha Romanoff,  Russian spy-turned-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent a.k.a. Black Widow, in 2010’s Iron Man 2. Ever since, she has become one of the MCU’s most important assets, with Johansson starring in six films, including the highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, which opens May 4.

New Uniforms Are At Forefront in New Avengers Promo Art


As we get closer to the grand ensemble of heroes that is Avengers:Infinity War next year, we are beginning to get looks at some of the new suits and uniforms worn by the heroes. This is all thanks to new promo art that has been released.

We see Spider-Man has on a new suit, which appears to bee the one presented to him at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Many believe this to be the famous Iron Spider suit loaded with more Stark Tech. The most obvious change is Black Widow who has a new green shit and blonde hair. Iron Man has a new Mark version of his suit and Captain America sports a new one along with a full beard.

We can only wait til more promo art and pics are released and even the long awaited full trailer.

Avengers:Infinity War is set theaters May 4, 2018

Thor Ragnarok Director Interested In A Black Widow Solo Film

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Taika Waititi has been on the lips of many with praise. Primarily from the stars, cast and executives at Marvel Studios for his work directing Thor: Ragnarok.

If the film is successful (which it probably will be), he can pretty much write his own ticket as far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is concerned.

While Waititi was making the press runs to promote the 3rd Thor solo film, he gave his insight into which character he’s possibly want to direct a film on next..

“In all honesty, I reckon I could probably bring something pretty unique to any of the franchises. I’d love to see Black Widow…as something crazy and a bit funnier than we expect it to be,” he said. “Because we know her story and it’s very sullen and very dark and her history is very dark. But! What’s the funny version of that? What’s the more entertaining version of that?”

Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi on the set of Thor: Ragnarok. Source: ScreenRant

There has been a call somewhat to give the Spy turned Superhero her own film. We finally learned some of Natasha Romanoff’s back story in the 2nd Avengers film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Waititi goes a little more in depth as to why in particular this Avenger is who he may be eyeing.

“I really go for the underdog. I think there’s a way in with any of the characters,” he said. “You just have to find it and find what honors what’s already there with the source material but also brings it into a more entertaining form for the audience.”

Scarlett Johansson will next be seen as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in Avengers: Infinity War May 4, 2018.

Thor:Ragnarok is out in theaters November 3rd 2017. Let us know do you want a solo black widow film.