OF COURSE Fans are petitioning for INHUMANS to be renewed


We are clearly in the day and age where everyone is pretty much petitioning for everything. Well even though nobody thought that this would even have to be a conversation piece, it is now.  Fans have actually started a petition to bring back Marvel’s Inhumans. Yes, that’s right the same Inhumans that opened in IMAX to extremely negative reviews and subsequent ones that followed during its run on ABC.

Now it needs to be noted that the series isn’t OFFICIALLY cancelled as of yet. it has however been removed from the ABC website which people are pretty certain it means the end for them.

But that was enough to mobilize the troops. In a petition on Change.org fans are calling  for Inhumans to receive a second chance. It acknowledges the series’ faults, asks that a potential second season receive both a larger budget as well as a showrunner who better understands the property’s mythology.  The showrunner was  Scott Buck, who oversaw the first season if you recall, faced a lot of criticism before Inhumans in his previous Marvel work, the first season of Iron Fist. Which makes us wonder why was he put on another project in the first place?

According to the petition, the series never really was given a fair shot, and should be handled by  its dedicated cast should deserve a second go at the characters.

While ABC has not officially canceled Inhumans, many have assumed its demise to be a foregone conclusion. But, until an official announcement is made, Inhumans could still have a bit of life left in it….but is more than likely doesn’t right?????