Can Arrow Get Back On Track?


We are less than a week away from the return of the Emerald Archer to television. Many people are realistically not that excited about the upcoming 5th season and its some what understandable.

Sure the 1st season had to work to grab and keep viewers but it did enough to make them want to watch season 2. Then the full on conflict between “The Arrow” and “Deathstroke” was built up so well until what many felt was a less than climatic final fight between the two. Season three almost lost EVERYONE with the full on story of the League of Assassins but hey this Super Villain enjoyed the story of Nyssa Al’Ghul. Season Fours story of magic was so underwhelming but the arrival of Matt Ryan as Constantine brought in a little bit of hope only to once again deal out another non climatic battle. This time with the fully dubbed “Green Arrow” taking on Damien Dahrk (even though Neal McDonough was AMAZING). Oh yeah lets not forget the death of Laurel Lance/Black Canary which many people took to social media to exclaim their COMPLETE AND UTTER DISDAIN.

But last come to present day where we are at the cusp of a brand new season. With a new season once again there are a lot of changes. Thea and Diggle have left the team (but they are for sure coming back) Oliver (Stephen Amell) is recruiting a new team in Wild dog, Artemis, Mr. Terrific and Ragman. But what should make straying fans and those losing hope feel a bit of solace is that this time the bad guy is just a REGULAR BAD GUY. There’s no super powers, no crew of ninja assassins, no magic just a straight up badass in Tobias Church (Chad L. Coleman) and I for one am SUPER EXCITED.

Oh yeah i forgot to mention this is the last year for the Oliver Queen flashbacks.

But you need to know if nothing else can get you a little bit fired up for this season which premieres Wednesday October 5th on the CW (cheap plug) this two-minute promo posted by Stephen Amell himself should do it.