Rosario Dawson Will Return In Daredevil Season 3 And Iron Fist Season 2

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The Night Nurse will be back to help patch up a couple of New York defenders in their upcoming individual series. Rosario Dawson is set to reprise her role as Claire Temple in both Daredevil season 3 and Iron Fist season 2. Both series are currently filming in New York.

Dawson has been present in all of the Marvel heroes Netflix shows except for The Punisher. She was last seen in the mini-series The Defenders which brought together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist using her skills along side Danny Rand and Colleen Wing.

Claire better known in the comics as the “Night Nurse” is a former nurse who helps aid the heroes when they have taken a bad beating.  If she is returning that means more injuries for our heroes that hospitals wont get the chance to deal with.

Iron Fist and Daredevil have no release dates as of yet but are set to return to Netflix sometime in 2018.

We have a “Defenders” trailer


Well it’s no longer just a teaser, we have an official trailer for the upcoming Netflix series Marvel’s The Defenders and we get kind of an idea how somethings come together.

We open with Det. Misty Knight interrogating Jessica Jones about interfering in a police case resulting in someone’s death until she is interrupted by her “new attorney” in Matt Murdock  (Daredevil). From there we see a freed from prison Luke Cage who reconnects with Claire Temple who tells him he should meet someone, who turns out to be Danny Rand stopping an assailant in an alley.

From there many interactions happen including Danny attempting to use the Iron Fist on Luke to no avail and a voice over monologue from Stick, Daredevil’s old teacher, talking how the four need to work together in “the battle for New York”. We even see Electra in the Hand’s mysterious Resurrection drum.

In this trailer we also get our first real look into Sigourney Weaver’s “Alexandria” Adnan yet still don’t know much more about her but what we she is she is surrounded by what can be assumed to be members of the Hand.

There is SO MUCH MORE but we want you to check out the the trailer before for yourself and let us know does this get you excited for the August premiere.