‘Iron Fist” Star responds to negative show criticism

Well it seems as if every one is not on board with the final defender making his arrival. The criticism for Marvel’s previous Netflix shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage has been minimal at best. However that has all changed with the early reviews for the upcoming Iron Fist series.

In an interview with Metro, star Finn Jones who plays the title character, weighs in on those reviews and made it clear that it’s a series he believes comic book fans will love.

“Well I think there’s multiple factors. What I will say is these shows are not made for critics, they are first and foremost made for the fans. I also think some of the reviews we saw were seeing the show through a very specific lens, and I think when the fans of the Marvel Netflix world and fans of the comic books view the show through the lens of just wanting to enjoy a superhero show, then they will really enjoy what they see. I think it’s a fantastic show which is really fun and I think it stands up there with the other Defenders’ shows without a doubt.”

It’s important to note that critics only saw the first six episodes of Iron Fist and that the next seven could tie things together in a way which make the show one of Marvel’s best; right now, it’s as if people have seen half of a film and already written their reviews! There’s no getting around the fact that most didn’t like what they saw in those six epiosode, though it’s not like it’s been really torn apart.