After a slight hiatus of being extremely busy, the resident super villain, Jay Washington is back with the 31st episode of The Mad Titan Podcast and for some odd unknown reason he has brought back the Jersey Jackass, Ben Cambell.

This week they play catch up on some of the stories that have happened along with new ones including the bombing of Dark Phoenix and who overall is to blame, where the blame falls for the current state of the DC Universe and the cancellation of Swamp Thing, Jessica Jones is back for the 3rd and final time, Warner Bros/DC not at San Diego Comic con and a lot of laughs.

Enjoy this barbershop talk that’s full or nerdom and realness.


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We have reached the end of the road for the X-men franchise with 20th Century Fox and the final installment DARK PHOENIX has arrived. The resident super villain himself, Jay Washington is here with his FULL REVIEW and be warned there will be SPOILERS.

So sit back, relax and check out what the Mad Titan himself thought as Charles Xavier and his group of students say good bye.


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Music Video Gives An Official Look At Dazzler in DARK PHOENIX


The arrival of DARK PHOENIX  in theaters on June 7th and on top of this being the farewell to the Fox X-Men franchise we are finally getting a look at a mutant that we were teased with in a deleted scene in X-MEN APOCALYPSE.

A new Dark Phoenix tie-in song offers fans a first look at the live-action debut of the iconic X-Men character Alison Blaire, a.k.a. Dazzler. In the aforementioned deleted scene Jean Grey and Scott Summers are  visiting a mall record store and stumbling across “Sounds of Light and Fury,” an album by Dazzler, but the character has yet to appear on the big screen. However, Dazzler was confirmed to have a small role in Dark Phoenix all the way back in June 2017.

Now we  finally get a first look at Dazzler in the music video for the Dark Phoenix tie-in song Extraordinary Being by Emeli Sandé. The video features scenes from the upcoming movie, including one of a blonde woman in an all-white jumpsuit, Dazzler’s go-to look in the comics. Here’s a shot of Dazzler in the music video.

Dark Phoenix Dazzler X-Men First Look

Check out the music video below and be sure to leave your thoughts.

DARK PHOENIX Official Trailer Is Pretty Much What Was Expected


Last night the official trailer for Dark Phoenix, the final X-men film under the 20th Century FOX regime dropped last night and as expected it gave off the same vibes in which the first teaser had given off. Those vibes are that of X-men:The Last Stand. With Charles Xavier (now played by James McAvoy) trying to teach Jean Grey (now played by Sophie Turner) how to control her powers. Especially the extra that grows inside of her.

We also get our first look at Jessica Chastain in her mysterious role. But one of the main things that stand out is Jennifer Lawrence. Not to spoil anything just yet but take a look at the trailer for yourself and give your thoughts.


Dark Phoenix Has Been Pushed Back Again


Unfortunately it is becoming more and more common that we are hearing this but just a couple of days after releasing it’s trailer and poster letting people know to expect the latest installment in the current X-Men Universe, Dark Phoenix on February 14 of next year. Fox has just announced that the film has now been pushed back until June on 2019.

The new X-Men movie will drop on June 7, 2019. Now to compete with summer movie season. This is two months before the other mutant based feature The New Mutants is slated for August 2, 2019.

It’s going to be an interesting set of events with Fox also given the recent developments on Gambit of the basis of the film even still without a director.

Do you think that it is solely to place the film in summer blockbuster season or could reactions to the trailer play a factor?

The Official Poster For ‘Dark Phoenix’ Is Revealed


The official poster for one of the final X-Men films under 20th Century Fox has been unveiled. Dark Phoenix as it will be called, features Sophie Turner who portrays Jean Grey front and center with an astral fiery “X” behind her. The flames though they form the symbol representing the mutant hero group also seem similar to that of when Grey is overtaken by the powerful entity known as the Phoenix and is engulfed in fire.  A Phoenix (the creature) silhouette can be seen above Turners head.

The setting  seems to be in space which if you are familiar with both the comics and even 90s cartoon series a very important setting involving the Phoenix story. The Sh’iar empire, queen Lillandra are said to be referenced but not known yet to be focal points in the movie.

Dark Phoenix hits theaters February 14, 2019