LOBO Is Getting His Own Series On SYFY


He has not even made his official televisiom debut and he already is leaving his mark. LOBO will be getting his own spinoff series on SYFY. Syfy and Warner Horizon Scripted Television confirm they are developing Lobo, a live-action screen version of the intergalactic rogue who

A DC Comics fan-favorite, Lobo is an intergalatic foul mouthed bounty hunter. He is the last of his race after having slaughtered the rest of them. He’s a genius strategist, has superhuman strength, and is basically immortal. Plus, he abides by his own very strict moral code that he follows in his own unique way.

In the Superman prequel KRYPTON, the bounty hunter is played by Emmitt J Scanlan.



Check Out The First Look At Emmitt J. Scanlan As Lobo


It was just announced yesterday that Emmitt J. Scanlan would be taking on the role of the bounty hunter, Lobo on the second season of Krypton on SYFY. Now we have our first look at Scanlan as “The Main Man” and I have to say it is not bad at all.

The popular DC character will be introduced as the big bad for season 2 of the SYFY series, and is described as a “ruthless bounty hunter who murdered his entire species.” which sticks pretty much to the comic origins. Here is the character breakdown for the show.

“A genius-level intellect when it comes to matters of warfare and is a deadly adversary. He has superhuman strength and is virtually immortal. Lobo’s word is the only thing he hold sacred and although he’ll never violate the letter of an agreement, he might disregard its spirit from time to time.”

Check out the picture below and let it be known your thoughts.

KRYPTON Has Its “Main Man” Lobo in Emmitt J Scanlan


When it’s was announced a this year’s San Diego Comic Con that the SYFY series, Krypton would be adding the bounty hunter the “Main Man” known as Lobo. Many were both excited and even wondered would it fully come to fruition. Now we have that answer as we have the official announcement as to who will portray the intergalactic bounty hunter.

Today, it was announced that Irish actor Emmett J. Scanlan will be the man bringing the universe’s last Czarnian to life.

For the sophomore season of Krypton Lobo will be a ruthless bounty hunter who murdered his entire species, and who possesses a genius level intellect when it comes to matters of warfare, making him a deadly adversary. Imbued with superhuman strength and virtually immortal, Lobo will keep coming until the job is finished. His word is the only thing Lobo holds sacred; and although he’ll never violate the letter of an agreement, he might disregard its spirit from time to time!

Well for comic book fans who may habe berm nervous That his origin or who he is would be changed or wors it seems they are staying true to Lobo’s comic book version . Lobo was born into the utopian society of Czarnia, but left after wiping out his entire race. Since then, he has worked as one of the universe’s most effective, relentless and violent bounty hunters. Part of what makes him so good at his job is his ridiculous power set. The guy has super strength that rivals Superman’s (and let’s not forget, in Krypton, Superman doesn’t yet exist), plus he has powerful regenerative healing and is essentially immortal. And that’s to say nothing about his practical skills. Lobo is one of the best brawlers in the universe, as well as an excellent tactician.

Lobo has been known to be an ally at times to Superman same many other Justice League members. But on Krypton, Superman does not yet exist.  It is the story of his grandfather Seg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe), it will be very interesting to see the tale in which they put on the character as far as his allegiances and whomhe is hunting goes. This is also the first time in which the character will be introduced to the LIVE action world.


Emmett J. Scanlan as Jim Corrigan on Constantine