CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Brings Together The Arrowverse And The DCEU


Many people believed that it would NEVER happen and that the worlds of the Arrowverse on The CW and the DC Film Universe would ever intertwine or cross over. Well now that has all been SHATTERED.

In the fourth episode of the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS crossover, the two met as Ezra Miller’s THE FLASH met Grant Gustin’s THE FLASH. This happened as Oliver Queen, now as The Spectre gave Barry Allen a boost in his speed potential and allowed him to run into the speed force. While in there he is taken to the STAR Labs cortex and is met up by Miller.

The two Flashes then jokingly banter back and forth in disbelief before Miller disappears and then Gustin returns to the speed force.



THE FLASH Is Going Through Changes Again


The changes and switch ups are still happening with Warner Bros THE FLASH movie.  It now seems that there are new people in the mix to not only direct the Scarlet Speedsters solo film but to scribe the screenplay as well.

Andy Muschietti, the director of It and the upcoming It: Chapter Two, is in talks to direct the action-adventure project based on the DC Comics superhero. His partner and sister, Barbara Muschietti, will produce. joining Michael Disco on the project. Also Christina Hodson, the writer of Bumblebee and the upcoming Warner Bros. BIRDS OF PREY is set to write the film.

Now this may sound a bit confusing to some as last heard both John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were writing not only writing the film as well as set to direct it but they have moved on. As well Ezra Miller, who is still attached to play the fastest man alive also wrote a version of the script along comic book writer, Grant Morrison but Warner Bros. has moved forward without that one either.


Flash Solo Film Is Pushing Back Its Production Start Date, Hoping To Release in 2021


For those of us waiting to finally see the Scarlet Speedster in his own solo film, we may be waiting a little bit longer for this. the main reason being magic and wizards and potions.

It is being reported that the start of filming on the not yet titled solo Flash film,has to be pushed back. This is because The Flash himself cant be there. Ezra Miller who plays the superhero as a key supporting role within the “Fantastic Beasts” series and the 3rd film in the Harry Potter spinoff series is set to start shooting in July.

By the way the Flash film does not have a release date nor has it been formally greenlit to begin production. Another big issue is that the script is still being tweaked and Warner Bros does not believe that it will be enough time to get the script ready to film in order to make its original start date.