Is Lady Eve Coming back to Freeland?


By back to Freeland, we mean is Jill Scott returning to the CW show Black Lightning.

Now if you watch the show you will remember that Scott’s character, Lady Eve was murdered in an attempt to frame the titular hero. But now thanks to the power of social media and Miss Jill Scott herself, what is seen and dead and gone may not actually be the case.

Check out the post from her Instagram feed

This leaves a lot of fans wondering is she coming back from the grave or maybe even in a flashback. But what we have learned is for certain characters death isn’t an absolute as seen by the gangster LaLa.

Tell us what you think. Are you excited to see her return and in what capacity would you like that to be?

Grammy Award Winning Artist Jill Scott is joining Black Lightning


Black Lightning is getting a little more soul. Grammy Award Winning Jill Scott is stepping into the role of Lady Eve for the new CW show Black Lightning . A new photo from the upcoming 3rd episode “Lawanda: The Book of Burial,” shows Scott having an interaction with Tobias Whale thanks to Entertainment Weekly.


A character description for Lady Eve has been given  “serves as a bridge between Tobias Whale (played by L.A. rapper Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III) and a secret group of corrupt leaders.”  Jones has also further elaborated saying “Lady Eve is the only person of authority over him. It means something to him, I think ultimately because it’s a woman. I think ultimately his affinity for Lady Eve has to do with the fact that she’s kind of a mother figure to him — but she’s not his mother.”

Now in case you were curious as to how does Lady Eve fit into the comics (aside the photo) here is a bit of back story. Lady Eve is a member of the international terrorist group the Kobra Cult, whose leader first appeared 1976 in Kobra #1. The group has made appearances over the decades on the animated series’ Batman BeyondBatman: The Brave and the BoldYoung Justice and Beware the Batman.

Jill Scott has been very impressive on both the big and small screen and her appearance and this looks to just add to her already extensive resume.