ELSEWORLDS Is Taking The Arrowverse Into An Infinite Crisis


Last night was the finale of the Annual Arrowverse crossover. This year’s theme was ELSEWORLDS  and throughout all three episodes the running theme was The Monitor (Lamonica Garrett) telling that a “Crisis was coming”. Well we now know what that is leading to as it was teased in the finale of the crossover on Supergirl.

Check out the teaser below

Yes, we are getting the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. Which officially connects several items mentioned throughout The Flash. We have seen the news paper article since season 1 that talks about the Flash missing and vanishing in a “crisis”.

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Also how in this current season, Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) mentions about how the Flash went missing.  Clearly when it comes to the crossover next year, Psycho Pirate will play a key role with Doctor Deegan as he is the one that utters to Deegan in Arkham, ” Worlds will live, Worlds will Die and the universe will never be the same.”

Are you excited for the potential culmination of all of the breaches, crossovers and maybe in the inclusion of ALL of the DC television heroes that may include both Black Lightning and Titans possibly even Doom Patrol? 

Sons Of Anarchy Alum Added To Arrowverse Crossover


It was revealed earlier today that the annual Arrowverse crossover on The CW would be title “ELSEWORLDS”. The event has also just picked up a new actor.

Sons of Anarchy alum LaMonica Garrett joins the event as The Monitor. Details on the character’s role in the crossover are currently unknown, though this incarnation of the Monitor, a.k.a. Mar Novu is described as an “extraterrestrial being of infinite power.”

The annual event normally includes all four of the Arrowverse shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow) but this year the Legends will not be part of the event which will feature the introduction of Batwoman and a more in depth look at Gotham City.

Check out the official poster below.