Daredevil Goes Back In Black And Wilson Fisk Is In White In Season 3 Trailer


The devil of Hell’s Kitchen is back in the official trailer for the third season of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix. This go round we see the lawyer turned vigilante in his original Black ninja uniform as he works to save not only himself but his reputation from a new villain who has take possession of his iconic devil suit.

Along with the imposter who we believe to be the super villain, Bullseye in the devil suit, Matt Murdock must now deal with a freed from prison Wilson Fisk who threatens to reveal his true identity to the world.

The trailer is action packed and just see for yourself

Daredevil returns to Netflix on October 19th

Daredevil Teaser Gives An Iconic Look


The devil is Hell’s Kitchen is set to rise again on Netflix with the 3rd season of Daredevil.¬†Many have heard that this season will go along with the “Born Again” storyline where Matt Murdock’s true identity is revealed, his is disbarred and his life is made a living hell by Wilson Fisk better known as Kingpin.

Many of the teasers we have seen show Murdock go back to his black ninja suit that we saw in the first season. But now a new teaser trailer shows Murdock (played by Charlie Cox) burning what appears  to be a white dress shirt covered in blood symbolizing he is burning his Alter Ego and embracing his true identity of Daredevil.

One of the most exciting things about the teaser is we finally see Wilson Fisk (played by Vincent D’onofrio) put on his iconic white suit. There is no sight of the cane just yet but who knows what this season will bring.

Check out the teaser below

Daredevil returns to Netflix on October 19th.