Erika Alexander Joins The Cast Of BLACK LIGHTNING Season Two


Between the regular cast returning, the addition of Jordan Calloway as a series regular and the special guests this second season of Black Lightning is definitely going to be “LIT”.

Actress, writer, producer and activist Erika Alexander (Living Single, The Cosby Show, Get Out) has come aboard the sophomore season of Black Lightning  in a reoccurring role. he will play Perenna, a therapist with telepathic abilities who is trying to help Jennifer (series star China Anne McClain) acclimate to her manifesting powers and the emotions that go along with them. Alexander is currently slated to appear in three episodes.

For those who are a fan of the DC comics will know that this sounds like the character of “Looker” aka Emily “Lia” Briggs.  Now Emily was a mousy bank teller until she discovered that she was descended from a race of subterranean beings.  She gained the abilities of telepathy and telekinesis and she became more conventionally attractive.  Yes, you read that correctly one of her superpowers is hotness.  She later became a vampire.

The biggest difference between the description of “Perenna” and Looker is their age.  Perenna is clearly meant to be older, between 40-50.  Possibly they could be altering the character for the show which would not be new at all to the characters in the CW/DC universe.  Then there is always the possibility that this could be another telepath or even a brand new character.

Black Lightning returns Tuesday, October 9th on The CW