New VENOM Poster Puts Eddie Brock Up Front With His Supporting Cast


We are a little over three weeks away from Spider-Man’s arch nemesis making his solo film debut on the big screen in VENOM. The promotional game has gone into full gear on many different levels. We recently found out the official rating for the film, PG-13, which surprised and upset some fans knowing the nature of the character and the dark gritty look of the film. Add to this tv spots and billboards popping up all that is left is to witness the film itself.

This however is not before we get one more good promo poster. This one features Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) standing between, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) and Anne Weyling (Michelle Williams) with the anti-hero himself eclipsing them all.

What do you think about the poster? Does it pump up your anticipation for the movie.

Are We Officially Getting Carnage In The Venom Film?

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One of the biggest discussions was, would Carnage show up in Sony’s upcoming solo Venom film. Many began to believe that when Riz Ahmed was added to the cast that he may be portraying the sadistic symbiotic killer.

Those rumors were kind of quelled when it was became assumed the the Life Foundation from the Venom Lethal Protector series may play a significant role and therefore may be getting the five other symbiotes, Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

But now lets queue up the rumor mill again as Tom Hardy has posted and subsequently DELETED  a picture to his instagram which shows the psycho killer front and center.


Given that he deleted the pic do you think that Carnage is actually in the film? Do you think it still may be Riz Ahmed who portrays him? Do you think Venom will have to battle against 6 symbiotes? Let us know what you think?

Riz Ahmed May Not Be Carnage in Solo Venom Film


Initially when it was announced that Riz Ahmed would by joining Sony’s solo Venom film there was much speculation that he may have been portraying Venom’s opposite Cleatus Kassidy aka Carnage. Well that may have changed as new information shows he may be playing another important character in the Venom world.

A photo posted with by Atlanta Filming identifies Ahmed as Dr. Drake — that is, Carlton Drake — a character with definite ties to Venom introduced in 1988 in The Amazing Spider-Man #298. Drake is the head of the corporate survivalist group the Life Foundation, which captured Venom and extracted from him five additional symbiotes: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony. (shown below)


Ahmed as Drake would certainly make sense, given that the film ris supposedly getting some of its influence from the 1993 Marvel Comics miniseries Venom: Lethal Protector, which introduces the other symbiotes (the 1995 crossover “Planet of the Symbiotes” is also said to serve as source material).

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Drake is more than a one-trick pony, because he and the Life Foundation also rebuilt the robot Tri-Sentinel, and funded the Arachnis Project, with the intent of creating a race of Homo Arachnis. He was himself injected with the serum and transformed into a Homo Arachnis, which may or may not hint at the character’s arc in Venom.

Are you getting more interested or even intrigued with this film. Well just so you can mark it on your calendar the film is set to hit theaters on October 5, 2018