THE BATMAN Soars Into Theaters Summer 2021; Ben Affleck No Longer Will Don The Cape And Cowl


After much wondering where things stood and finally getting some level of information from director Matt Reeves, we now know when we can expect the next film starring the caped crusader will arrive in theaters.

Warner Bros. has set June 25, 2021 as the date in which The Batman will finally hit the big screen. They have also confirmed that Ben Affleck who has played the superhero in Batman V. Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League will not be returning in the role as they are moving forward with a younger version of the hero.

The new film is set focus to on a younger Bruce Wayne – although it will not be an adaptation of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One – and while Affleck played a part in developing the film’s story, he ultimately realized he wasn’t the right fit for Reeves’ new direction and decided to hang up the cape and cowl. The studio is reportedly already hard at work searching for their new Caped Crusader, so expect to potentially get news a lot sooner than you might’ve expected. Also according to director Matt Reeves the film is set to be a noir detective film.

Along with a release date for The Batman, Warner Bros also the release date for Suicide Squad 2. The date for the worst heroes ever sequel is August 6, 2021.

Could Drax The Destroyer Join The Worst Heroes Ever? Well Dave Bautista Is Totally Down For It.


When the news was released that former Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn may be both writing and directing Suicide Squad 2 the internet has been full ablaze.

But one of the shocking responses have been from one of the Guardians himself. Dave Bautista who has been EXTREMELY vocal about his displeasure of the firing of James Gunn by Disney. He has said at time that he basically did not want to be involved with the production of Guardians 3 without James Gunn.

We has once again fanned the flames by offering up his thoughts on Gunn going to DC films.

Now in order for this to play out his character, Drax’s death would have to stick after the events of Avengers:Infinity War and as we head into Avengers 4.

Let us know your thoughts

Suicide Squad 2 Has A New Writer And Possibly Even Director in James Gunn


How to do potentially successfully pull off a sequel with a group of villainous misfits who have to work together for good> You first start off with an incredible script and you get that by hiring a writer who knows how to pen a great one and has a track record for doing so.

Well thats what Warner Bros. have captured in former Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn.  Gunn is being hired by Warner Bros and DC to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2. This will be the first job he’s taken since he parted ways with Disney which let him go from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise in July after old controversial tweets resurfaced.

This is a major move for DC and Warner Bros


Reason Why ‘Birds Of Prey’ Pushed Back ‘Suicide Squad 2’ and Others

Image result for birds of prey movie harley quinn

Here is an update to the recent article about Cathy Yan being tapped to helm the upcoming “Birds Of Prey” based film and why it subsequently pushed back other films such as the sequel to Suicide Squad, Gotham City Sirens and the Harley Quinn and Joker spinoff film.

According to Variety’s Justin Kroll, the execs where so impressed with screenwriter Christina Hodson’s script that Birds of Prey moved up many notches. With Hodson also penning the script for Batgirl, they felt it was a PERFECT way to introduce the character to the film world.

Check out on of the tweets from Kroll below

What do you think of this move? Do you think its a great introduction? Should it have been done with the solo Batman film? Let us know your thoughts.

Black Adam in the “Suicide Squad”?


For the past week  there has been so much talk about New Line Cinema & DC’S “SHAZAM!”. From who will play the titular character and his youthful counterpart to who will potentially be his nemesis. But the question has constantly come up about SHAZAM’s greatest opponent Black Adam & where would he fit in with the film.

Well we all know that Dwayne Johnson is set to be Black Adam in an upcoming solo film that does not include the aforementioned SHAZAM. But now we may be finding out where he is making his debut.

Now according to an exclusive from The Wrap, the plot of Suicide Squad 2 will revolve around “members of Suicide Squad [who are] tasked with tracking down a weapon of mass destruction.” That weapon is apparenty…. you guessed it …..or maybe you didn’t Black Adam.

So this shouldn’t come a too much of a shock. Because Johnson himself teased a surprise introduction for the villain earlier this year, when he told Fandango: “We have a really cool surprise for Black Adam that I can’t reveal, in terms of where we will see Black Adam being introduced.” Granted he didn’t say much but he kinda told us it would be in another movie before his own solo film.

Even though Suicide Squad 2, doesn’t have a set release date yet it’s expected to begin early 2018.
Are you pumped up for this potential cameo or would just rather see Black Adam in SHAZAM?