Have We Gotten A Sneak Peek Of Batman and the Batsuit In TITANS


The DC Universe streaming platform has officially launched and now we are but a couple of weeks away from the highly anticipated debut of TITANS.

The anticipation has been on a seesaw between the trailer, official cast photos and more. This new bit of potential news may not  make it any new fans .

According to the Instagram user dc.marvel.unite we have a look at what may be Batman’s suit. Check out the Instagram post below.


Just in case you are not really getting the full feel here are those same pics for you individually.

Do you remember in The Dark Knight when Batman subdued to individuals posing to be him and one of the men said “What’s the difference between you and me?” Batmans reply was “I’m not wearing hockey pants!” This definitely looks like those hockey pants suits.

These pics and the suit have not been 100% confirmed however from the looks of everything it just may be official.