THE NEW MUTANTS Has New Hashtags. Could A Surprise Release Be Next?


THE NEW MUTANTS has is panel at this years SDCC @ Home and while there is many speculation that is to come namely will the film be officially released after the panel on Disney Plus but something new has arisen.

There are now official New Mutants hashtags on Twitter. Each includes its own emoji (even though not shown in this picture)

Stay tuned here for more information as it drops from SDCC@HOME

Has Captain America CONFIRMED His Death In Avengers 4


It has been no secret that Chris Evans would be hanging up his shield and no longer be avenging after Avengers 4. Many people wondered if that would mean we would see the death of Captain America.

Well it is almost all but 100% confirmed as the actor himself took to Twitter to announce his wrapping on Avengers 4 and wrapping on the super soldier.

Now yes emotional could mean the death of Steve Rogers but he has also.grown emotionally attached to the role after so many years of portraying the iconic hero. But it may add to the speculation that occurred after these promotional photos in his new suit with scales

The scales are on the suit that was worn during the emotional “The Death of Captain America” run

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Do you believe this is the final hurrah for one of the original Avengers or is it just the actor bidding a final adieu.

It Seems Production on THE BATMAN may have begun


This is according to a post on Twitter from director Matt Reeves. Check it out

On the television, the old 1966 Batman is playing. It also seems he is on the set or at least around the props of that television shows batcave and Batmobile.

Though still no official word if Ben Affleck will be returning in any sort of capacity and it is rumored that Oscar Isaac will be involved but if production has finally started up its exciting to see what’s next.

Is It Possible We Have Our Huntress For BIRDS OF PREY

The mystery may slowly begin to being solved when it comes to the cast of the Cathy Yan directed Birds of Prey film. We already know that Margot Robbie will reprise her role of Harley Quinn and now we may have a clue as to who will be the Huntress.

Francesca Ruscio an up and coming Italian-American actress  sent out a series of Tweets which led to speculation that she may have landed the role of Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress. In the first Tweet it is worded in a way which suggests she’s actually going to play the character. Add to it that it was liked by Margot Robbie only heightened up the rumor mill.

But that may just be that, a rumor mill as the tweet seems more of a campaign than a casting.

In comes the next tweet which again seems more of a campaign.

Now its not for sure known which is which, a campaign or a casting. But if this is a public campaign, well we saw what happened with Tyrese Gibson publicly campaigning to be John Stewart in the Green Lantern Corps film. Wait..we don’t know just yet. i guess we shall see with both.

Could Comedic Icon be heading to the DCEU


So more and more is this unstable universe ever potentially expanding. Now I know that it comes off as if that we here at The Trusty Sidekick are just anti-DC, in which we are not. We want for them to put out the best possible product of the use of iconic characters.

Well recently it was noticed that Monty Python star John Cleese started following Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder on Twitter. He was also followed by the Batman v Superman UK Twitter account and set photographer Clay Enos. This lead fans to believe that Cleese may have a role in Justice League, and now, more fuel has been added to the fire.

Now its popped up that a tweet from Cleese from last week where he posted a picture of himself getting ready for a live event in his dressing room, but included in front of him was a stack of comic books!

Look at the photo in and you’ll see that Cleese has “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”, “Justice League: Origin”, and “Batman Noir: Black Mirror”.

While this doesn’t 100% confirm anything, it certainly adds fuel to the rumors that Cleese has a role in the DC Extended Universe. Let us know what you think and who could he possibly be.

Academy Award winner is prepping for her next “MARVEL-ous”role


Looks like Academy Award winner and recently announced super heroine Brie Larson is taking her next role as Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” rather serious.

The Academy Award-winner has already started reading up on Ms. Danvers. Earlier this past Saturday afternoon, Larson shared a fun photo on her Twitter account revealing her spending her Saturday reading up on the adventures of one of Marvel’s most powerful characters in what looks to be the Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More trade paperback while also seemingly sporting a Captain Marvel jacke

This could be the start of something rather MARVELOUS.