TITANS Gets A WONDERous New Addition

By WONDEROUS we me Wonder Girl aka Donna Troy. This is according to Heroic Hollywood as they have reported that  Other Space, Elementary and the Blacklist actress Conor Leslie was seen on set of filming for the DC new streaming service show.

It has officially been confirmed she will be portraying the character who originally as
introduced as Wonder Woman’s little sister, and eventually became a member of the Titans alongside the likes of Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad. Her origin was however later retconned to make her a non-Amazon orphan who gained her powers after Diana recused her from a building fire.

Now that makes Robin, Starfire, Rave, Beast Boy, Hawk and Dove, the Doom Patrol and now so far Wonder Girl for this junior superhero team up.  But the recent set photos of Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven have made a few feeling uneasy about this. Let us know your thoughts and opinions.