DARK PHOENIX Official Trailer Is Pretty Much What Was Expected


Last night the official trailer for Dark Phoenix, the final X-men film under the 20th Century FOX regime dropped last night and as expected it gave off the same vibes in which the first teaser had given off. Those vibes are that of X-men:The Last Stand. With Charles Xavier (now played by James McAvoy) trying to teach Jean Grey (now played by Sophie Turner) how to control her powers. Especially the extra that grows inside of her.

We also get our first look at Jessica Chastain in her mysterious role. But one of the main things that stand out is Jennifer Lawrence. Not to spoil anything just yet but take a look at the trailer for yourself and give your thoughts.


We Finally Have “Something” About Jessica Chastain’s Character in X-Men:Dark Phoenix


We still have no real clue as to whom Jessica Chastain will be portraying in X-Men:Dark Phoenix. The fires burns deep to figure out how the Academy Award nominated actress fits into the X-Men franchise.

Now the first and obvious choice was with this one going into the Dark Phoenix saga, Chastain would be portraying Queen Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire. Chastain has since denied that. But what we do know is that she is supposed to be playing a mysterious shape-shifter. Of course this gives a bunch of possibilities, one being that she is one of the shape-shifting aliens known as Skrull.

Here’s where it gets kind of weird because the Skrulls aren’t in the Dark Phoenix story and they are potentially set to be involved in one of the next couple of Avengers films.  but that for the moment is neither here nor there. But currently Chastain’s character name is being Smith. Now of course this is a dummy name to keep people from finding out and we probably wont fully know until we get either a teaser or a full trailer.

X-men:Dark Phoenix is scheduled to hit theaters November 2nd!

Oh So Jessica Chastain is NOT playing Lilandra in Dark Phoenix


Well isn’t that quite the swerve. Many were looking at the one potential glimmer of hope after hearing that X-men:Dark Phoenix would not be an intergalactic adventure X-men:Dark Phoenix would not be an intergalactic adventure as one would hope. That glimmer being that Academy Award nominated actress Jessica Chastain would be portraying Lilandra, the head of the Sh’iar Empire.

Well according to ScreenRant that seems like it’s not the case.

Via screenrant

After months of speculation, Jessica Chastain says she won’t be playing Shi’ar leader Lilandra in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. For fans of the X-Men, the chance to see the infamous Dark Phoenix story realized on screen has been a double-edged sword. Once already, aspects of the plot have been brought to life, but X-Men: The Last Stand wasn’t quite what fans had hoped for. Next year, the reboot of the franchise will try their hand at the plot when X-Men: Dark Phoenix arrives, but there’s no telling how true to form it will be either.

A few months back, word broke that Lilandra and the Shi’ar Empire would be coming to the X-Menuniverse in Dark Phoenix. For fans of the comics, this signaled at least an attempt to adapt the full breadth of the source material. Even more exciting, Jessica Chastain looked to be playing Lilandra as the actress finally came aboard a superhero property. Since then, however, word has emerged that the new film won’t be too focused on the intergalactic. Now, it looks as if Lilandra herself might not even be involved.

Jessica Chastain took to her Instagram to kick off her first day of filming for X-Men: Dark Phoenix with a long and complete recap of the Double Rainbow video. The fun quickly ended, though, when she confirmed in the comments she would not be playing Lilandra. The comment has since been deleted, but it read: “Hey folks, want a scoop? Im not playing Lilandra…..” The deletion of the comment could paint the whole thing as trolling, but the actor could have simply been advised to remove the information.

Jessica Chastain and X Men villain Lilandra Jessica Chastain Isnt Lilandra In X Men Dark Phoenix

If Chastain isn’t playing Lilandra, it certainly raises a number of questions. One is whether Lilandra and the Shi’ar will even factor into the movie. There’s also the question of who Chastain will play. Early word of her involvement pegged her as a villain, so there’s no shortage of characters from the comics. Recent word of a casting for young Jean Grey could even hint Chastain will play an older version of the character, now that the timelines are different. Perhaps the Phoenix Force will even transform Sophie Turner into Chastain, similar to how Billy Batson becomes Shazam.

It’s also possible that Chastain will play a more humanoid rendition of the Phoenix Force itself. Often, ethereal forces from the comics are rendered as more humanlike in films and TV, so it’s easy to see the actor doing voice work or even motion capture to bring the entity to life as it descends on Earth.

With Deadpool 2 and New Mutants reported to have wrapped, all eyes will be on Dark Phoenix‘s production when it comes to next year’s slate of X-Men films. As such, it shouldn’t be too much longer until we know more about the movie, its villains, and Chastain’s role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix