Supergirl makes a “BRAINY” casting choice in Jesse Rath

2016 Summer TCA - "No Tomorrow" Portrait Session, Beverly Hills, USA

Is it safe to say that the CW’s superhero show “Supergirl” is about to get a lot smarter??…No, ok I’ll see myself out that way. But before I go,I have to tell you about the new casting made on the show about the “Girl of Steel”.

The Trusty Sidekick is learning that Jesse Rath formerly of Defiance, has been cast as member of the Legion of Superheroes, Brainiac 5, in a recurring role thanks to the exclusive news from

Braniac 5 is Half computer, half organic life and boasting a 12-level intellect, and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who will travel  to National City from the 31st Century to help Supergirl and the DEO battle Reign, the villain that L-Corp CEO Samantha Arias (played by Odette Annable) is on her way to becoming.

The first time we will see Rath in character will be in Episode 10 of this current season. —titled “Legion of Super-Heroes.”

This isnt the first time that the super smart hero has made his way to the television superhero world. On Smallville, Brainiac 5 was portrayed by Buffy alum James Marsters in the Season 10 episode “Homecoming.”


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